Nulook Te Puke is an agent for the full range of Amplimesh Insect Control Screens

Amplimesh Insect Screens
There are a wide range of options to keep insects out of your home or commercial premises, most of which can be unobtrusive while being very effective. Products available are:

  • Sliding insect screen doors, normally fitted over the outside of a sliding door.
  • Hinged insect screen doors. Ideal in premises where food is prepared or there is high traffic flow as they can be fitted with automatic door closers.
  • Hinged insect window screens. Easy to use screens that are fitted with removable hinges to allow easy cleaning.
  • Genius Retractable insect door and window screens. These screens retract into a head mounted box when not in use.
  • Vennette Pleated Retractable Screen Doors. These doors are ideal for wide openings as they can cover up to 9m spans and can stop at any intermediate point.