Glass Products and Service

  1. Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing
    The Government has realised the value of double glazing by making it part of the Building Code. Winterglaze involves fitting factory produced double glazed units into existing single glazed aluminium joinery. This enables you to gain the same benefits of reduced condensation and reduced heating costs in winter and cooler homes in summer that are enjoyed by owners of newly built double glazed homes.
  2. Glass Products
    If you wish to replace any glass product or upgrade to some of the modern decorative glass products now on the market we now carry the full range of Viridian and Euroglass glass products.New methods of manufacturing and printing onto glass mean that the possibilities are endless to add striking individual flair to any situation where glass is required.
  3. Installation
    We offer a full installation service of all of our product range, including windows into new homes or replacement windows into existing homes.