Nulook aluminium joinery is New Zealand’s most widely used aluminium joinery. Nulook’s range consists of 5 suites:

  1. WeathertightTM: The Weathertight series provides an affordable product in the residential and light commercial market. A full range of doors and windows are available, along with the Urban Slider flat sill sliding door and the Inline bifold door, which folds back to the wall.
  2. SovereignTM: The Sovereign series is a high performance architectural suite that is designed to provide larger and more substantial windows and doors, ideally suited for homes with individual touch and flair.
  3. All SeasonsTM: The All Seasons suite is Nulook’s new thermally broken joinery range. The thermal break reduces transfer of heat and cold through the frame, which helps reduce energy loss and cost.
  4. Nulook 75mm and 100mm commercial joinery. This is a range of standard commercial joinery for use in low rise, high use commercial premises.
  5. Nulook Frontline commercial joinery. This suite is used for high rise buildings.

Weathertight Connection Systems

In response to the leaky home crisis Nulook has developed and patented a unique method of joinery fabrication.Nulook’s Weathertight system is an integral part of the Weathertight and All Seasons suites, giving a strong, leakproof and attractive answer to your joinery requirements.

  1. Crimped Corner Connection System
    The frames of the awning and casement windows and the hinged doors are crimped together rather than screwed and hence there are no penetrations through the frame to allow water ingress. The resulting product has stronger and tighter joins and controlled drainage for any water that may enter the system.
  2. Transom and Mullion connection System
    Mullions, transoms and interlockers are secured by fixing through a block mounted on the frame, so there are no screw holes to allow water ingress into the window.
  3. Torsional Corner Blocks
    Everyday use of doors generates a lot of competing forces which can lead to excessive wear and failure. Nulook has added corner blocks to door panels to make them stronger and longer lasting